In our effort to help provide free services of our work to those
who have an interest in using graphics created
by Ricks Seeing the Sites The Animation Center, we find a
need to request interested parties email address in order to
notify such parties of the completion of their graphic request.

The content of any and all information provided to and
collected by Ricks Seeing the Sites The Animation Center
is kept in strict confidence and is not shared with, given to,
sold to, or allowed to be viewed in any form by any person,
party, or organization for any reason what so ever.

All graphics created by request are kept on disk for only 90
days from creation. After 90 days all graphics and any and
all request information is deleted on a permanent basses.
If a party requires Ricks Seeing the Sites The Animation Center
to keep any information on file for longer than 90
days they need to request such action and confirm such

We at Ricks Seeing the Sites respect the privacy of all contacts
made and will do all in our power to keep any and all
correspondence private and confidential.


Copyright © 1997-... Ricks Seeing the Sites, All rights Reserved.

Privacy Statement


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