JavaScripts - CSS - DHTML

JavaScripts, Cascading Style Sheets and DHTML
can be added to your web site templates by
Ricks Seeing the Sites. We can add our own scripts or scripts available from around the web.

CSS offers a way to control layout and page
uniformity through out your site.

DHTML, or Dynamic Hyper Text Markup Language
can offer some interesting effects for your web site.
There are a number of things you can do with DHTML
such as pre-load of page content, interactivity, and a
host of other features.

JavaScripts have become common on web sites
today, they offer a wide assortment of features to
your web pages.

We have sample demo pages that show some of
these added parts to web pages.

Also there are links to reference web sites that will
offer more information on each of the subjects. These
links can be found on our Links page and on all of the
pages on that subject.


    JavaScript Samples
CSS Sample Sheets
DHTML Samples



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