This form is to help order Graphics or 3D Text for use on personal home pages.
            All requests will be completed in the order they are received. Requested
            work will follow soon after.

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  Business sites are welcomed to request Graphics and Animations.

    Copyrights of graphics created by Ricks Seeing the Sites The Animation Center
    are retained and must be noted on all web sites with copyright notice.
    Copyrights may be obtained for created graphics, please email us and put "Copyright transfer" in the Subject line.
    All graphics created by The Animation center are digitally marked and recorded on file. We enforce and will
    pursue legal action on copyright violations. 

             See our Instructions page for additional details.

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Please note; If you are using a Pop Up Blocking program be aware we will not fill incomplete requests. Be sure to include all needed information, Color of text, font size, font style, background color and the type of bevel. Remember incomplete requests will not be filled.

            Hitting "send" will take you to a screen called "Confirm"
            From there you can go to any page on this site.



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