When requesting 3D Text there are three parts that
you may wish to consider of your order. The first is
Font Style (type) should be one that fits your
pages font style. As well size is important, we will
always use HTML "point" sizes. For example this
text is: Arial, regular, size 2 (10pt).

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 These are the basic sizes
in HTML points.

They are equal to: 8 10 12 14 18 24 36 in most word processor programs. 


The second part is Color and animated effect, if any.
If you are not sure of the best color to use you can
have The Animation Center look at your site and
suggest a color that would work. We would offer the text in several color choices, or animated color
formats. The more detail the graphic has the
longer it will take to load your page. So the file size is


The third part is the 3D angle of view. How do you
want the text to align. As with the angle of view
Bevel Type is also important, it gives depth to your text.
Font Type, Color, Bevel, Angle of view. These are
the basics that will help to create a graphic that will
stand out and be remembered.
The basic angles are below:

Visual aids to ordering 3D Graphic Text

Use these three basics to help us make your graphic
the way you want it.

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