This page will give a brief description of each of the 3D graphic text effects listed on out Title Text page.

Color Change Light Reflecting 
Fire Animated Text                         Token Size 
Ice Effect                                         Rotating Board Text
Distorting Text                                 Bending Text
Dancing Text                                   Rotating Inwards
Spinning Text                                  Exploding Text
Twisting Text                                   Path Animation
Token Move                                     Motion Path
Token Skew                                     Surface Animation
Text with Shadow

The Animation Center can also add JavaScript effects to text buttons and graphic site maps. See the Extras page for a look at our samples.





Color Change Light Reflecting
This effect gives the impression that a light is shown on and moved back and forth across the surface of the text.


Simple shadow effect, the size, direction and tint of shadow can all be manipulated to suite the pages layout or style.


Ice Effect
Ice is a non-animated or a slight animated effect that is best suited for short single words and of a larger more block shape font style.


Distorting Text
Making text change it's shape and position as well as the angle it is viewed in are all parts of this effect.


Dancing Text
As with many of the effects that we offer, Dancing text has several versions and formats that can be customized. This text graphic effect, like Fire can generate large file sizes that are not usually desired for web pages. But with some restraint in what type and size text is used it offers a unique effect for web pages.


Spinning Text
The text with this 3D effect spins on the horizontal plain. This text can also incorporate the Shadow effect. 


Rotating Text (Rotating Inwards)
This text effect is similar to Spinning but the text rotates verticality with a horizontal plain.


Twisting Text
Making the text on your site twist with this effect will draw attention as long as it is kept to a small font size and the number of words are limited, the effect can produce large file sizes that take a long time to load. However this text effect is good if there are not a lot of graphics for it to compete with in load time.


This is one of the most popular effects we are asked to create.
With this type of animated text the file sizes can get quite large if used for too large a font size or for several words. We offer several fire effects and all can be customized. As well the effect Glow is listed along with the Fire effect choices.


Token Move
What text has this effect can be made to move in pre-determined directions or move in multiple directions.


Token Skew
Changing the way the text appears and the going back to its starting look. This effect is good for email or form links.


Toke Size
This effect changes the size of text in both width and height or just width or height. 


Rotating Board Text
This is another of the popular graphic 3D text effects asked for. It can be used with animation or static and there are many board shapes that are available. We hope to soon have a page devoted to the Board effect.


Bending Text
This effect is just what the name implies. The text bends. It can be made to animate in any direction.


Exploding Text
Yes your text can come apart right before the viewers eyes. This 3D text effect can be applied in many ways. This is another text effect we have plans to dedicate a page to.


Path Animation
Text can be plotted along a set path or with several path changes on the x, y and z axis's.


Motion Path
This is another type of effect for text to follow a set path. It differs from the other Path Animation in it adds different types of motion as the text fallows a set path.


Surface Animation
As with Motion Path and Path Animation the Surface Animation effect has it's own characteristics and can be manipulated to suite the desired 3D animated effect.



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