Saving Graphics

When you locate the graphic you want, hold mouse
pointer over it and
Right click once, select
Save Picture As
, a pop up window will become visible
with file locations on your hard drive. Choose
the file location you want the graphic to be in and then
OK. That's all there is to it, you now have the
graphic on your hard drive.

After getting the graphic you want you will need to up
load it to the web server that your web page is on.

Choose a page for more information.

Business Sites

If you wish to add any of the Graphics created by
The Animation Center to your Business Web Site, you
will need to E-Mail us with the Name of your site, the
URL address and a E-mail address we can contact
you at.

We will contact your business site with deatils on
using our graphics. This in most cases is only placing
a small
banner with a link to our site. 

Business web sites click here to order.

Custom Graphics

We also offer custom graphics in a wide variety of
colors and animation formats. Everything from
animated clip art to animated 3D text.
If you have a color theme you want for your web page
we can make all the elements needed, Title text,
header, dividers, custom frames, email icons, buttons,
arrows and backgrounds. See our sample

How to Request Graphics

If you want us to create a 3D Text or graphic for your
web site you can use our Graphic Request page.
Or you can E-Mail us at this address with the needed
The more information you provide the faster we can get
your graphic to you.



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